Paula Jean Swearengin: US Senate 2020 West Virginia


I am a native of Mullens, West Virginia, and my coal mining roots run deep. I’m a coal miner’s daughter, granddaughter, niece and stepdaughter. As a child, I felt a deep sense of pride in our state’s coal industry. I felt pride that West Virginia’s coal powered our nation through the Industrial Revolution, that it ran our factories through World War II, and that it keeps us running today. America was built on our coal – it was built, in part, on the backs of Appalachians.

Like so many other families in Appalachia, my family paid a steep price for coal. I lost my grandfather to black lung, and I’ve recently seen my uncles diagnosed with the disease. Our health and lives aren’t the only prices we’ve paid as a region. We’ve also seen our beautiful streams and rivers polluted with toxins and watched the tops be blown off our mountains. The price we’ve paid is a high one – perhaps too high.

The best resource in the Appalachian mountains is the people. We are determined, hard working, and smart. When we band together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I’m ready to fight for my family, my neighbors and my state to deliver the prosperous, healthy future West Virginia deserves. The legacy of this great state cannot be burying our own miles deep in coal mines, it must be building a sustainable future for generations to come.  We have suffered from the bottom up. It’s time for us to prosper! That’s why our campaign is fighting: 

  • To end corruption in Washington.  
  • For decent paying jobs with benefits and building a diverse economy.  
  • For Medicare for All.  
  • To end the addiction epidemic and hold big-pharma and our leadership accountable.  
  • For broadband access for our communities.  
  • For clean water and for a comprehensive plan to modernize our infrastructure.  

It’s time the people of West Virginia had a U.S. Senator that upholds the basics of human values and is focused on doing the people’s work.  That’s why our campaign isn’t accepting a dime from corporations or favors from lobbyists. We are 100% people-funded! That’s where supporters like you come in. Contribute today to help us build a strong, grass-roots, people-driven campaign.   Let’s take our Senate back! I am Paula Jean Swearengin. Will you stand with me?



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