Bernie’s policies are reparations!

Ok, for all this bs! about Bernie being against reparations, let’s first talk about what reparations means. By definition it means to repair. Repairing a broken and unequal economy that immensely and disproportionately oppresses minorities; Legalizing marijuana with exoneration and access to the emerging billion dollar industry; providing free college education so that lower economic and disadvantaged youth can obtain the necessary educational tools to perform and have opportunity in an unrigged capitalist economy; and, above all, removing governmental control from those that benefit the most from racism and the division of the masses. What good is a reparations check going to do when the system is just a sieve to extract your wealth and continue to isolate you from the Democratic process? #stopthereparationsbs Bernie’s platform is reparations. Pay attention and stop with the sideshow identity politics bs, blinding you from the truth. After you are issued a check, it isn’t like you are getting another one after you have given it all back to the very system that caused you to need it in the first place! #identitypoliticsbs

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