To beat Trump you need to move people to vote and Biden isn’t moving anyone.

To beat Trump you need to move people to vote and Biden isn’t moving anyone.  Biden doesn’t have a movement, doesn’t have a plan, doesn’t have a platform, and above all has no contemporary connection to the reality that the American people are facing.  Instead, all Biden offers is a recalcitrant and fallacious nostalgia all things past and failed.. This is not the direction Americans need to defeat Trump, or correct the institutional failures of the past Neoliberal era of corporate beholden leadership that enabled a delusional demagogue like Trump in the first place.


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  1. Perhaps that shall be the opportunity that this time some one with heart and fire shall be able to put the right seeds in the impoverished soil of the U.S.A. to have that country back on the right track

    Biden may offer nostalgia, but for sure not to all things past and failed, because Obama had done a wonderful job and many things undone again by the Trump administration would best restored or build on farther. Not bad to bring a greater part of the American population, to open their eyes to see the 45th president of the States was the most dangerous one for the whole nation but also for the rest of the world, who should certainly receive no chance to continue to destroy the unity of the State which was once the New World of many their hope.

    From Belgium, wishing Bernie Sanders more luck this time.

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