Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” to control plutocracy

Theodore Roosevelt's "Square Deal"

President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” implemented Democratic Socialism to control unconscionable capitalism that oppressed and exploited the middle class and poor.  Democratic Socialism, or Social Democratic principles have always been implemented by America’s greatest Presidents to maintain the balance between the opportunity of free market capitalism and the freedoms and principles of equality promised under our Constitution.  Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the Progressive Party, a third party that championed America’s middle class and poor .  The assertion that Democratic Socialism is averse to American freedom is just a perverse lie implemented by the benefiting power structure, intended to deceive and distract the people for further exploitation……..Bernie Sanders has seen America’s excessive corporate greed cause the same erosion and destruction of the American freedom and equality in this country, and recognizes that the fate of our Democratic Republic is in question and requires the same reforms.    The Green New Deal is the reformative redirection the American people need to restore dignity and health in our communities, and to restore the American people’s control of our government.

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